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Cum & Piss Bucket

Cum & Piss Bucket

Has your subject been a real potty-mouth lately? Turn them into a Cum Bucket and teach them the meaning of submissive with this full-coverage latex hood with urinal. Perfect for the most extreme water sports, the duck-shaped trough is made out of rubber and collects body fluids and funnels them into the open-mouth. The eyes are shielded with thin plastic covers and sealed for a water-tight fit, along with two nasal holes for easy breathing and an open mouthpiece.The full-faced hood will protect the rest of your subject's face from fluids, but their mouth will be a wide-open target!

Make your subject follow you around the house on their knees and have your very own living urinal by your side. Once the fluid is in the trough, they'll have no choice but to eventually swallow what's inside!

The hood zips in the rear and features a zipper-guard and reinforced studs to ensure a snug fit.  One size fits most.  
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